Diablo Cody: Anti-Hero Auteur And Film Innovator (A Rant About How Great She Is)

First things first, if you don’t know who Diablo Cody is, stop reading this and type her name into Google, STAT. And, don’t worry, I won’t force my opinions on you saying something like: “How do you not know who she is?! Have you been living under a rock?” Chances are, if you’ve never heard of her, you’re living under a rock and I don’t need to ask.

I digress. The film Juno  was released in 2007 as her first ever screenplay, after she was discovered by the incredible Mason Novick on her blog (interesting what blogging can do, folks.) Juno won a plethora of academy awards, one being a more than deserved Oscar for Diablo Cody. Through the grandiose success of her first film, she was able to continue innovating never before seen ‘anti hero’ characters, that you just can’t help but relate to and learn to love through their authenticity to self. Each character is shown as HUMAN as a human being can be. There’s something so fresh, original, and captivating about specifically a female character who’s entirely flawed, yet careless about it.

A later film Diablo Cody wrote was titled Young Adult, where the character is so cringeworthy, unlikeable and selfish, which was obviously her intention when writing it, but you truly can’t help but be curious to see what happens to her. Even though most of us won’t admit it, there’s a big or small piece of us in each uncomfortable character she writes, which is what makes her writing ability so innovative. It forces us to secretly become introspective to find what we connect with through the characters uncomfortably direct actions. Some of us, living vicariously through the carelessness of her character(s).

All in all, if you can’t tell by now, Diablo Cody is a personal writing hero of mine, and I suppose this rant about her anti hero character creation is to express how her work opened doors for my own way of looking at scripts.

P.S. I swear, I’m not getting paid to promote her work (but that’d be fucking awesome if I were.)

Go check out her films if you haven’t already, and keep in mind how rare it is for a writer to create an intertwined story and character arc like hers. Admire, appreciate, and learn from the best.



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